Minerals are needed for the body to work properly.

Calcium is the main mineral found in the body and it has several important functions.

These include:

  • • helping to build strong bones and teeth
  • • regulating muscle contractions, including heartbeat

A lack of calcium could lead to a condition called rickets in children or osteoporosis in later life. The daily recommended intake of calcium is 700 mg per day and our drink is uniquely rich in calcium with one litre providing one tenth of the daily recommended intake.

Chloride helps the body to digest food and it’s an essential component of the fluids in the stomach and intestines.

Sodium chloride is commonly known as salt. Sodium and chloride are minerals that are needed by the body in small amounts to help keep the fluid levels balanced.

Manganese is a trace element that helps make and activate some of the body’s enzymes.

Its recommended daily requirement is up to 4mg per day reduced to 0.5 mg per day for older people.

Zinc is a trace element that has several important functions. For example, it:

  • • helps to make new cells and enzymes
  • • helps us process carbohydrate, fat and protein in food
  • • helps with the healing of wounds

Iron is an essential mineral, with several important roles in the body.

  • • It helps to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body.
  • • A lack of iron can lead to iron deficiency, known as anaemia.
  • • The recommended daily intake of iron is 8.7mg/l for a man and 14.8 mg/l for a woman.

Our drink provides a source of iron to supplement that obtained from food intake.

Nickel is a trace element that influences the amount of iron our bodies absorb from food and it may be important in helping to make red blood cells.

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Angel of Mawdesley Natural Alkaline Water has a unique mineral content, rich in the key minerals and electrolytes required by the body. It is a drink with a pH of 8.2 and as such is an alkaline water.

We are a natural alkaline water with a pH of 8.2