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A unique revitalising drink with an unrivalled history

Angel of Mawdesley ‘Revive’ is sourced from a unique naturally occurring mineral spring in Mawdesley, Lancashire – which has provided continuous water for over 500 years.

The spring and its water have been the subject of reports and commentary since Elizabethan times as to the curative benefits of the water.

Numerous historical reports and articles describe the healing benefits and curative effects of the water for local people who drank from the spring.

In early commentaries in 1700, from a Doctor, the water (described as sulphurous and saline) was praised as providing healing benefits and cures for various ailments. The spring itself was famous and its water had such a beneficial mineral content that it was noted as having healed a lame woman in 1839.

The spring had remained unnoticed and buried for over a century until it’s history and benefits were brought to the attention of the current landowner, who on hearing of it’s unique history and benefits decided to unearth the spring so that it’s water could be shared once more with the public as our revitalising drink ‘Revive’.

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